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CSC Habitat for Humanity seeks to partner with individuals and families living in Richland or Lexington County who meet the following three selection criteria:

1. Need for Housing

The mission of the organization is to elimiate substandard housing.  Therefore, one must be living in housing that is not adequate in order to be selected for parthership.  Examples of problems with existing housing that might constitute a need include plumbing programs, electrical problems, structural problems, no heat, no air conditioning, overcrowding, poor insulation, unsafe neighborhood and affordability.  Those who believe their present housing is not decent and/or affordable for any reason are encouraged to apply to CSC Habitat for Humanity.

2. Ability to Pay

Once you have completed all program requirements and construction on your home is finished, you will attend a closing where Habitat for Humanity signs a mortgage over to you.  This will be a 25-30year interest-free mortgage.  Mortgage payments consist of your principal payment, homeowner’s insurance, and property taxes; it does not include your utilities.  In order to be selected for partnership, there must be enough consistent household income to pay the monthly mortgage, utility bills such as water and electricity, and other debts such as student loans, credit cards and car payments, and still have sufficient money left for family support needs including food and clothing.
CSC Habitat for Humanity will look also at a credit report as part of assessing the ability to pay selection criteria.  One's credit does not have to be perfect, but we are looking for people who have demonstrated an effort to be responsible for their bills.  Those who believe they may have credit problems are encouraged to contact one of the following non-profti organizations for assistance with clearing up their credit: Consumer Credit Counseling (929-6666), Credit Counselors of SC (1-800-737-2933) or American Credit Counselors Corporation (1-888-245-5373).

3. Willingness to Partner

Individuals and families partnering with CSC Habitat for Humanity are expected to earn a minimum of 350-550 hours working with Habitat for Humanity staff in various activities.  This time, called "Sweat Equity," can be earned on the construction sites, in the office, in the Habitat Store and through participation in the Family Support program.  Each person who will live in the Habitat for Humanity home is required to contribute a certain number of hours.
CSC Habitat for Humanity homes are built by volunteers who give generously of their time and love on the construction sites.  Those selected to partner with Habitat for Humanity as future homeowners are expected to assist the volunteers in the construction of the homes of other future homeowners, and participate in the construction of their own homes from start to finish.  Potential applicants should not be discouraged if they do not have any construction experience…there is something everyone can do in construction.








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